Autobiography of the Yogi

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Hey guys,


I wanted to share a little bit about this book I'm reading! Its called Autobiography of a yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, this book has come up in so many conversations, that I knew I had to read it. I use audible quite often, but for some reason I could not finish this book. I attempted multiple times and couldn't be bothered to listen it. The book came up again a few weeks ago, when I was on a call with my friend.  

He recommended to read the physical copy, and that felt right. I started reading the book and its just been a different experience. I may be in different place in life ready to accept also, but something about reading it, feels deeper. I'm focused and fully present with the book. I even want to keep reading more and more! 

Steve Jobs always recommended this book to everyone, it was even his gift of choosing during his memorial to hundreds of leaders, family, and friends. Michael Singer talks highly about Yogananda during his talks as well! 

I think the biggest takeaway from this book so far has been how unlimited we truly are and about creating devotional relationship with the divine. Coming from a Indian background, I can relate to many of the cultural aspects. I also have my own projections (not very good ones) for what some of them mean, but this book gives me a new perspective.


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