Learning about Give to Give Foundation

Posted by Bhumi Patel on

Hey guys,

So, in this blog, I wanted to share about an organization that's near and dear to the hearts of the Dr. Joe Dispenza Community. The very first time I heard about Give to Give was on stage by two NCSC trainers, Sonia and Vero. They were on stage, talking about their experience at one of the most dangerous women's prison in Mexico. Before entering, they were told that if the stamps were erased on their hands, they wouldn't be allowed back out. Many people would feel fear and leave, but they pursued in spite of the fear they must've felt. The smallest things would trigger these women and maybe its because women in these prisons were treated horrifically, to the point where many of them slept standing up. Can you imagine that? 

Both Sonia and Vero went in there and helped these women understand the how to create change in their lives through science backed methods. 

I remember this being a moment we were all crying in the room. In emergence we felt compassion and inspiration, so many feels. I'm so grateful for this organization and all they do, this is one of the hundreds of impacts they have made! 




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