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Recently, I attended an advanced follow-up Meditation Retreat in Marco Island. It seems like the first time there were two events back to back. During the week-long retreat, a global event called "Walk for the World" was also taking place. I joined my friends and the community to participate in the walk for the world. It was heartwarming to see young children, probably around four or five years old, participating. I'm not sure who they were walking as, but it melted my heart. Witnessing the impact this community is creating and the increasing number of children involved was so beautiful.

This event left a profound impact on me. It was a privilege to serve at the event, assisting two wonderful individuals, David and Vera. David was like a playful kid, always curious, yet with a strong determination to master brain and heart coherence. Vera, on the other hand, was very intuitive, focusing on healing and learning.

I wanted to share a little bit about the concept of worthiness. During the retreat, I was sharing a room with two of my girlfriends, and one of them brought up this topic. She asked me if I felt worthy. Worthiness had been on my mind quite frequently in the weeks leading up to the event. My friend and I had a lengthy conversation about it, so I journaled that night and contemplated why I am worthy.

One of my intentions for the event was to embody a stronger sense of worthiness. When I affirmed to myself that I am worthy, I could truly feel it. I would repeat to myself, "I am worthy just because," or "I am worthy because I'm God's child." Sometimes, receiving compliments or gifts made me feel a bit uneasy, but reminding myself of my worthiness made the awkwardness cease. It felt like I was consciously opening up my arms, and it was a completely new experience.

I shared my intentions with a few friends, and it was so sweet how they kept reminding me of it throughout the event. I had the opportunity to deepen my connections with a few friends this time, and it has been such a blessing. Several opportunities came my way during and after the event, and I instantly recognized that they were a result of the worthiness that I have been nurturing lately. I am incredibly grateful for this community. I love how we are all striving to become more conscious, to love more, and to serve from a place of abundance.


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